Summer 2016

It’s kind of stupid writing your summer plans a month into the season. I suppose out here in NorCal summer goes through end of October.

So its become painfully obvious I should not make any running plans until the darn foot/Achilles recovery is done with. Also, its become clear to me that it is unwise to sign up for any ultras immediately after the pain goes away. Believe it or not it took me 8 months to come to this conclusion.

The foot pain has certainly subsided and there are plenty days its not on my mind, but sure enough after I run it comes back. The new running approach is not to run for fitness or getting better. Just run for physical therapy to give an extra stimulus to my foot to recover. Oh well. I will not make any more plans about anything running related until I can … well run. So that’s that – I’m not going to be a runner until I’m a runner.

So meanwhile the goal is to just stay active and get strong. I intend on learning to skate on a longboard, mountain biking, surfing and climbing more regularly. I will release myself from my ego of trying to be any kind of an athlete. Im going to do a lot of stuff and have fun. None of it will make any sense long term or big picture and I will not question it. If I can break my mind from any expectations whatever it is I chose to focus on whenever it’ll be easier to do so.




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