Weak Calves

So… May is almost upon us. I enjoyed another glamorous month of not running…

Punctuated by my climbing trip to Bishop and cheering Ben B. in his 2nd ultra at Folsom lake its been a pretty damn great month. I am now finally climbing V6s again at the gym and driving up to Shasta tomorrow for my first ski mountaineering adventure with Skyler.

On the injury recovery front, the pain in my foot is much much less. I went to PT and I was diagnosed with tight and weak calves. I learned about a calf strength test – which I failed miserably and also about the proper way of doing eccentric heel drops. So the goal is to start doing eccentric heel drops properly: standing up on the ball of my feet, maintaining the height for a little bit on one foot and then dropping slowly. Also toe curls. I was also prescribed calf stretching – this one I’m not sure I agree with because all the people I follow do not support calf stretching. I’m doing it anyway…. Also mashing on my calf everyday. That is the plan.

Lets see how things are looking in 2 weeks.



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