To run? Or not to run? that is the question.

So more thoughts on the whole foot and Achilles healing thing. One of the dilemmas I’m facing is that I am doing several things concurrently that might be contributing to the next day soreness of the foot.

Currently the Achilles pain is pretty manageable it shows up but dissipates after the running activity. This leads me to believe that my left insertional achilles is not fully healed. This leads me to believe that I should continue with the Alfredson protocol. So the crazy thing I learned this week is that I’ve been doing it all wrong. Insertional Achilles issues(at the heel) are treated by eccentric drops on flat surfaces, however midpoint Achilles tendinosis is treated by dropping the heel off of the stair. … So I’ve been doing the wrong kind for insertional – I wonder if this contributed to my foot pain …. Did I cause more harm with it???  Do I continue doing the right kind – or do I figure out whats wrong with the foot pain – since its the main pain that I have.

Option 1: Stop Alfredson for 2 weeks. Run like 2 miles monitor progress next day, take off day, run on third day if pain is not worse. 

Option 2. same as Option 1 but keep Alfredson. 

Option 3. Option 2 but instead of running – bike. 

Option 4. Option  1 but bike instead. 

Option 5. Only Alfredson – monitor levels 

Option 6. 100% rest zero Alfredson/load. … 

I think at least these are systematic but trying them all will drive me insane.







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