April – The Rebirth

I just read Joe Uhan’s article on the Economics of Injury Recovery – I highly recommend it to anyone battling a nagging injury. I’m going to be deliberate in what I do this month to get myself to running by end of April. Its happening, my main goal is to start feeling good and strong.

As a background in late August 2015 after I started experiencing pain in my right soleus. I ran through it and it gradually turned into a pinching pain in the right Achilles. It didn’t respond to reduced mileage so I took time off. That turned into insertional Achilles pain in my left foot a month later it turned into foot pain in my arch. I did not run for several months and it did not get better. In early February I slowly started running and it kinda started going away, then like a moron I did too much and the pain came back.

The plan now is to focus on recovery – make it the only focus. I will be dilligent about strengthening my core, doing soft tissue work, and adding loads very carefully. I will be posting my week progress here in the coming weeks.




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