Altering Expectations


So its still early March and I find myself in this predicament. My lower leg issues seem to be gradually improving, but I’m far from being out of the woods. The light at the end of the tunnel is faintly visible.

One thing I learned the last couple of weeks, is that in order to continue to progress with this injury I have to scratch any notion of pace, mileage, time on my feet or elevation gain. My only goal is to do as much as possible and improving those damn feet. And its a very fine line – so I will try to err on the side of less.

So yesterday I felt good enough to run – albeit not great – the Achilles were a bit achy. So I went for a 3hr hike instead. Hiking on my own is kinda boring – but it was surprisingly fun. Over the next couple of weeks I should lay off with any notions of mileage and try to run 3-4 days a week  and fill in the voids with biking / hiking. Things that will help build my cardio, strengthen me and reduce the chance of re-injury.

On another note I signed up for 2 more races on top of the Tahoe 55k n July, the Ashland Hill Climb and Volcanic 50. Both are races that will truely test my achilles and ankles. Although the races are not until August and September I have to be very conservative with the training since its proving impossible to put a timeline on it. Realistically I think I can get to the starting line 100% recovered, but I am not sure about any kinds of fitness levels.Since I am not running on any trails these days, my climbing legs will have a long way to go. The way I see it now – is if i took it really mellow next 2 months I’d have May, June, July to get stronger… I guess I’ll just have to take things in stride. Also although Im competitive in nature I cant think of any of those races as “A-races” but as just getting out and adventuring.






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