Finding the Groove

Last few months have been somewhat meh – I was not my old self and I hated it. I was in a funk – blaming things like my long commute, blah project I’m on, noisy neighbors, and friends who haven’t really been there. Oh and there was/is that whole foot thing. Anyways, I’m ready to put that all behind me and move on.

As always, you learn a lot more from your failures than your successes. Taught me the importance on balance in life. Putting all your eggs in one basket, running in my case, means if it goes away for some reason – you will crash hard if you don’t have anything else to lean on. Not sure I handled it really gracefully or not, but I’m still learning. Slowly getting back into climbing and surfing has balanced me out somewhat. I think what I learned about running is that you have to learn to be patient you get into it and want everything, you want to get better and better, but then you crash and it can get ugly.

I think my approach this year is to just adventure. Whether it is via running, camping, climbing, surfing, just put myself outdoors and drink a lot of Tecate – then see what happens.


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