Run Free or Die

The past couple of months of running were some of the most frustrating and in someways fruitful of my of my pretty short running career. This year has been frustrating in general – I pushed through adrenal fatigue and wound up with an achilles tendinosis injury. Yet somehow, I am finding light in running in a more mature way than I’ve ever have.

Running competitively is all I knew going into running in my late 20s. So naturally I continued where I left of, run to race. Climbing, surfing, cross country skiing, and a bunch of podcasts led me to trail running and ultimately ultra running. I am a little bit of a type A kinda guy when it comes to sports, but in reality I’m not a type A person, I’m obsessive and it stresses me out in the end.

So after a couple of rough months I think I found my happy place, I think running, training can be more fluid in my life. Something where racing doesn’t have to be about how fast I can go but just an adventure. I want to take having fun seriously and make a point to not beat myself up about things I would have had I been trying to run as fast as I could. I just want running to make me happy, being fast isnt necessary.

For the next couple of months I will call my training – training, it will just be being, moving. Being happy, spontaneous and carefree. Structure will be abolished. My only goal is to reach a happy place through movement and exploration. I am going to focus on being present and forgeting about yesterday or tomorrow, just think of now.

Now lets have some fun…

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